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Bless Israel Investments features the TRIPLE INCOME PORTFOLIO, which has achieved a respectable 91%+ gain since it's inception on 8/21/09.  This has been accomplished by using the best Israeli high dividend stocks, ETFs and other financial strategies.

Besides using the best dividend and performance Israeli stocks, we utilize the powerful leverage of call and put selling, which is able to deliver us additional sources of monthly income.  To protect our investment in an environment of market danger, we may use a protective put system that assures us the least amount of loss in case of a significant market downturn.  For this reason, we believe this is one of the safest yet most profitable advisories available.   CLICK HERE for more inform- ation about this service.

Note: the returns on all our portfolios have been generated in positive market environment and future results may not reflect similar profit percentages. Before investing, please read the "Disclosure" statement, by  CLICKING HERE.
Market Timing Has Avoided Serious Loss
Since the onset of recent market turmoil and volatility, our advise to take 50% profit on all portfolios and then a complete closing of all positions on Aug. 7, 2011 has given our members an optimal exit point to take advantage of the great gains made thus far.
The Power of
Dividend Investing
In the link "Why Dividend Investing?" we explain the power of dividend compounding and why it's a foundational basis for wealth generation. When combined with share price increase (called yield) it becomes an extremely powerful tool for investment growth.  We highly recommend that you read this section by CLICKING HERE.
Israeli Stocks on a "Tear"
Since the inception of our service in 7/1/09, Israeli stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and its economy have done extremely well, in consideration of the world's economic condition.  For proof, take a look at our portfolio results, accessible at the link to the left under the article, "How Are We Doing?".  In fact,  an article in Newsweek reported on 3/23/09, "Despite Wall Street's gloom and doom of late, at least one category of the market is still going strong. Stocks from companies in Israel -which is the second largest foreign trader on U.S. exchanges after Canada - have grown by nearly 9 percent since the beginning of 2009, according to the MSCI index of emerging markets.  The Tel Aviv stock market is also up. That's at a time when European and U.S. stocks fell by around 18%.........
How Are We Doing?
Just click the link at the bottom of the box to view a comprehensive list of our portfolios since Bless Israel Investments debuted in 7/1/09.  Here you you can view how our specific portfolios have fared on both a monthly and yearly basis.  At the same time, you will be able to see the running profit/loss values to date.  We believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how well the portfolios have done, giving you an incentive to join us for profits and blessings.
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Tier One Service
For only $49.99 a year you gain access to all of the Israeli traded stocks on the American exchanges but will also receive Portfolio Grader, a service that automatically grades over 5,000 equities free of charge.
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Is Investing Dangerous?
As experts in Israel investments high dividend stocks, and dividend reinvestment, we can tell you that successful investing is anchored on two major points. First, one needs to limit losses so that your winners exceed your losers by as large a margin as possible.  There are tools available that help you do this. These tools are primarily meant to prevent catastrophic loss.  It is a sad commentary as to how many people have lost a significant portion of their life’s savings in the stock market all because they did not employ some type or form of stop-loss protection.  It is all the more sad that a significant majority of these people simply kept open positions in the stocks because their brokers advised them to do so (hold strategy), or worse, held mutual funds that have no stop -loss control mechanisms whatsoever.  Our portfolios offer this protection for your  benefit.
Bonus Features of Our Portfolios
We offer a unique bonus system to our portfolio services. For example, if you chose the Performance Portfolio you will be given free access to our Tier One Service.  Or, if you chose our  Triple Income Portfolio you will get free access to all our services.   Check  them  out  by
Triple Income
Bless Israel Investments
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I will make you a great nation, I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt.  Gen: 12: 2-3
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The Performance Portfolio has profited over 96.5% since its inception in 7/1/09.   It truly is a miracle given the world's economy. CLICK HERE  to view.
is up 96.5% as of 5/21/12 (closeout of all postions) from the time of its inception, 7/2009. We are waiting for the next opportune time to bless Israel and our members. Included in this service is the Tier One service, free.
is now officially closed as of Jan. 31, 2012.  Instead, we have taken the best dividend paying Israeli stocks and incorporated them into Performance Portfolio, which not only has given stellar returns, but is priced even lower for your benefit.
is up over 91.3% since it began in Sept. of 2009.  As a premium service, it looks at gathering income from three unique investment strategies. Read how it works below. You also get our Tier One Service, High Dividend Acheivers, and the Performance Portfolio, free.
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We Are Now Taking Reservations for Membership
Due to recent market turmoil and volatility, on 5/20/12 we recommended our members close all positions to protect profits.  Our analysis indicates extreme danger in the markets ahead primarily due to sovereign debt and default conditions.  CLICK HERE to  find out the dangers, prepare and potentially profit hansomely from them.

We are now taking reservations for new memberships and will open the portfolios when we feel it is safe to begin recommending Israeli stocks, ETFs and mutual funds again. Let us know your interest by dropping us an email thru the CONTACT LINK above.  It is our desire and goal to protect not only your prosperity but to be fair and equitable with membership fees.
ALERT -  On Sunday, 5/20/12 we issued a strong recommendation for all members to close out ALL POSITIONS in both the Performance Portfolio and Triple Income Portfolio due to extreme market risk (see our warning and recommendation given below).  We believe this risk will continue through the end of 2012.  For the safety of our members and potential new members, it is our upmost concern to protect your capital and profits, with the Performance Portfolio up 96.5% and the Triple Income Portfolio 91.3%.  For this reason, we will not consider getting back into the market until after the year 2012.

If you are interested in becoming a member at that time, we are now taking reservations and will be happy to inform you when Bless Israel Investments commences again to provide excellent opportunities to bless Israel and yourself, the investor.  Please contact us through the link above noted "Contact Us"

3-1-15 ALERT - Very soon, we intend to open this service back up again.  It appears that with all of Washington's and the Euro-zone money printing going on, there should always consistently be enough cash on hand to fuel the markets beyond our wildest imagination.  Larry Edelson, editor of the Real Wealth Report, believers that the DOW could go as high as 31,000, based on precedent!!!  Most do not remember that from 1932-1936, the DOW went to an equivalent high on the same parameters.  Drop us a line if interested.   We believe based on our past performance, we should hear from many!
Why We Recommended our Members Close ALL Positions  5/20/12

We have seen a powerful market sell-off occur within the last couple of weeks due to the very real and powerful European deficit debacle.  Most Americans have no idea of the severity of the Euro and sovereign debt crisis that actually exists and how it will affect  the world.  This stands to reason, because the media is trying to keep this critical issue as quiet as possible for fear of stoking a more serious pullback in the markets than we have already seen.

In a nutshell analysis, here is where the matter stands.  On Monday, May 14th, 2012 Greeks withdrew more than $1 billion from their banks in just one day.  And in the past week Spaniards withdrew $1.27 billion.  On Tuesday, May 15, 2012 ten thousands upon ten thousands of Spaniards protested on the streets of their country attempting to have their government do something about the horrendous economic conditions there.  For example, unemployment just soared to 24.4% while there is over 50% unemployment for those under 25 years of age.   Things aren't much better in Portugal.  Then we need to add Italy (one of the most indebted countries in all Europe) and finally FRANCE.  France has roughly 2.9 million people unemployed, the most in 12 years.  Consumer spending fell 2.9% in March while industrial production dropped 1.2% in February, the third consecutive month in a row.

Many know that Greece is the suppossed lynchpin to the entire sovereign debt crisis. Yet, Greece holds the smallest sovereign debt of all the countries that are part and parcel to the European sovereign debt crisis.  But THEY CAN BECOME THE CATALYST TO A DOMINO EFFECT THAT WILL HAVE THE ENTIRE HOUSE OF CARDS COME TUMBLING DOWN.  If Greece goes, there will be billions upon billions of Euros that must be found to bail out the bondholders that are holding the system in a very fragile state.   If Greece leaves the European economic community (EEC), European banks could be on the hook for at least $6.3 trillion.  What many do not know is the "atomic" effects that this contagion may involve.  This major contagion is actually a financial atomic weapon known as derivatives.  The largest and most murky of them exist in the banking industry.  It has been stated that they exist on the order of at least $200 trillion and possibly higher.  If the system collapses significantly enough, critical mass will be reached and potentially bring about a total collapse.  The only known antidote to this problem is outright default (which would for all practical purposes mean collapse) or symtomatic relief known as "quantatative easing" (aka: money printing).  We have already seen three bouts of quantative easing: QE1, QE2 and the injection of nearly a trillion dollars at years end 2011 in the European banking system by both the ECB (European Central Bank) and America's Federal Reserve.    As with an addict, to reach the next greater high, a much greater dose (i.e. more money) will be needed to provide relief.   At some point, QEX will no longer work as hyperinflation will totally destroy the worth of any money injected.  This is exactly what took place in Weimer Germany from 1907-1921.

What all this means is that the entire euro-zone system is on a razors edge regarding its financial existence.  Why?   Because the stabilization funds established by the EU are dwarfed by its massive exposure. 

Now add our own country (America, which isn't a whole bunch better, certainly not as far as indebtedness is concerned at over $15 trillion dollars) and we are on the verge of seeing a looming climatic global economic implosion on the horizon.

Not only that, U. S. envoy Dan Shapiro and associated officials have just released a press release stating that America, in alliance with Israel, is ready to confront Iran head on militarily.  In fact, it was stated that the possibility of a direct military action against Iran is at a higher point that it has ever been.   It has been suggested that such a strong comunique has been released as a pressure point to have Iran become serious about curtailing or discarding their nuclear program when the next meetings between Iran and the western nations take place on May 23, 2012 in Baghdad. Knowing how Iran has acted in the past, it is doubtful action will be taken except a mouthful of rhetoric and deceit.

For the reasons noted above, we now believe it is much too dangerous to stay in the market, especially with an emerging market such as Israeli stocks.  We are now advising that you close all your positions as soon as possible.  The dangers for a continued downdraft in the markets is just too great of a risk.   Besides, we believe it is well worth taking a tidy profit from the success our portfolios have brought. 

Again, as we have done in the past, we will continue to service the portfolio for any members who wish to stay in the market and take the risks which we are warning towards.  However, we hope you will consider taking at least a 50% profit margin at this time and hope you appreciate this lucid and sober explaination. 
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Is War Between Israel and Iran Imminent?               by Micheal Snyder
TheTradingReport (2/26/15) Uh oh – Iran just got caught with both hands in the cookie jar.  It turns out that even while Iran has been negotiating a “historic peace deal” with the western world, it has been secretly operating a huge underground nuclear enrichment site that it didn’t tell anyone about.  But this is what the Iranians always do.  They lie, lie and then lie some more.  So how in the world can you make a deal with a government that absolutely refuses to tell the truth?  These revelations about a secret underground nuclear facility just outside Tehran come at a time when it looked like the Obama administration was about to cave in and give Iran just about everything that it wanted.  The “deal” that Obama was going to give them would have allowed the Iranians to keep all of the nuclear infrastructure that they have already constructed and would also give them permission to start building nuclear weapons in about a decade.  It would be a monstrously bad deal for the western world, and the Iranians should have jumped at it.  But now these new revelations could throw a wrench into those negotiations.  But much more importantly, knowledge of this secret nuclear facility has got to be extremely alarming to the Israelis.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has always said that Israel will never, ever allow Iran to construct a nuclear weapon.  So what will happen if the Israelis determine that Iran is actually much closer to building a nuclear bomb that anyone originally suspected?  The truth is that the odds of a war between Israel and Iran just went way up thanks to these revelations, and that is not good news for any of us.

This new evidence of a secret nuclear facility that Iran had not told anyone about was revealed by the National Council of Resistance of Iran earlier this week…

Despite Iran’s denials that it is on the path to a nuclear bomb, new evidence charges that the Islamic republic has an “underground top-secret site” that is enriching uranium intended for nuclear weapons that has been hidden from the West for years.

According to the Iranian opposition group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the complex, called Lavizan-3, is right outside Tehran, “buried deep underground in tunnels and underground facilities” with “radiation-proof doors” to prevent any leaks that could be detected by the United Nations International Energy Agency inspectors.

The revelations were unveiled during a Washington, D.C., news conference by the NCRI, which first exposed elements of Iran’s covert nuclear program in 2002.

The NCRI claims to have extensive knowledge of this complex, and it is even in possession of a photograph of a door that shields the facility from radiation which was smuggled out…

The NCRI describes the underground complex as having an elevator that “descends several stories, deep underground, and opens into a 650-foot tunnel, which leads to four parallel halls. Because the ground is inclined, the halls are deeper underground,” by as much as 164 feet below the surface.

The NCRI also said it smuggled out a photograph showing a 1-foot thick lead-lined door that shields the complex from radiation, and that the secret rooms and hallways are insulated for sound and radiation leaks so that they would remain undetected.